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You say where is the legal imprint? One of the contradictions in social computing. Domain hosters offer you domain protection by hiding your name and politicians advice you to hide your traces by using TOR-browser and on the other hand … If you want to know more, read my books

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Oh no, don’t click so fast, you a thrown back to Cicero! I made the Advanced certificate in Latin [Grosses Latinum] – at Luitpold Highschool Munich. I live in the past, I gained much from these lessons. Thanks to my teacher: Prof. Lindner.

But the most thanks of all go to Prof. Peter Rauschmayer.

My profile on CNN. CNN exists no longer, just the memory stays. You wonder CNN? Yes, the iReports there are no longer. The pages got frozen, no counter goes up, no updates: MUSEAL my blogs there …

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